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to make a change.
The digital way.

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This is me

Hi, I'm Adriana - born in Germany, now living abroad & working as a freelancer in digital marketing.

I have worked in the digital industry for more than 7 years with a variety of businesses and truly understand what it takes to make your online presence work for you. I know how to reach your target audience via Google, Facebook & Co and how to turn them into potential leads.
My expertise:

Digital Strategy  Google Ads 
Social Media Ads   Content Creation   

 Campaign Management  Branding  

Remote Working with MacBook in a Caféc

I advise companies in initiatives and campaigns

Why hire an impersonal agency with huge overheads when you could hire me to act as an outsourced but dedicated team member?

Start-ups, small or medium-sized businesses often have a whole heap of fantastic things going on but simply not enough resources to get everything done. That's where I step in to help out with all digital activities which support you to meet your goals & visions and keep your business running.

A kind of flexible way to keep innovating and moving quickly.

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